Blue Sky Begonia

Blue Sky Begonia, are perfect for hot sunny patio's and gardens and they hold up well to our sometimes wet summers

Uniform and compact with shiny dark foliage they make fantastic plants

Three individual colours Appleblossom, Pink and Soft Red, they look stunning against the dark foliage

Flowers are double and ruffled, looking like an Azalea, are produced all summer long and totally unaffected by leaf or flower scorch from the sun

BSB Appleblossom

A gorgeous blush appleblossom colour with fully double flowers make this variety of Blue Sky Begonia very appealing

BSB Pink

Gorgeous Pink fully double flowers on dark shiny foliage - looks stunning

BSB Soft Red

Lovely sumptuous Soft Red on rich dark foliage - nothing quite like it!

A real added value plant for pot sizes of 1 litre and above plus a whole range of patio containers, hanging baskets and borders

A great crop for the May to August sales period